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We offer Sectional, Terminal Area and Low Enroute charts that cover the Lower 48 states. We also offer Sectional and Termian Area charts for Alaska. And we offer CAP-gridded sectional charts for Civil Air Patrol and Search & Rescue operations. You can purchase all of our charts individually or as part of a subscription.

Once you place an order from us, the automated order process should present you with a download page. From there you can download the SkySectional charts you purchased. An account was also created with your email and the password you provided so you can login and download your purchased charts.

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They sure do! We get the chart imagery on SkySectional charts from the FAA’s charting office—they are the same folks that develop standard sectionals.
SkySectional charts are provided in high-resolution PDFs that are calibrated for readability on color laser or color ink jet printers. All you need to print SkySectionals is the free Adobe Reader (download from here if you don’t already have it) and a color printer that can print on standard letter-size paper. Do not print SkySectional charts on black and white printers or on color printers running low on ink as you will not be able to distinguish key features and information on the charts.
Other than for large and turbine-powered aircraft in 91.503[a], “charts” is not a word found in the FAA’s Part 91 regulations. That said, FAR 91.103 “Preflight Actions,” states that each pilot in command shall, before beginning a flight, become familiar with all available information concerning that flight. For safety, you should always carry current charts in your aircraft. The FAA provides some additional information about FAA chart policy.
When you place an order, you’ll be provided with a link to download the SkySectional PDF for the area you selected. These areas correspond to the same sectional areas that printed FAA sectionals are provided in. The PDF will include letter-sized (8.5” x 11”) panels that cover the sectional area, the sectional legend and other relevant information provided by FAA for that sectional (i.e. Special Use Airspace information, effective and obsolete dates, etc.). Checkout our tour to find out more.
We update SkySectionals on the same schedule as the FAA update the standard printed versions—we can even notify you when you need to get a new one. Effective and obsolete dates are provided in each SkySectional PDF that you order and correspond to the FAA dates.
SkySectional charts are only provided in downloadable PDF format. This allows you to print the panels you need in as many copies as you wish. It also keeps our prices low and ensures you have immediate delivery every time you order.

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