CAP Gridded Charts ... Pre-Plotted

Get current sectional charts complete with CAP Grid overlays in a kneeboard format you can print yourself.

Pre-Plotted CAP Grid

Our CAP Charts include the conventional CAP grid overlay--saving you the trouble of drawing all of those lines yourself.

Download & Print

CAP Charts are provided in high-resolution PDF format. Download immediately and print the panels you need.

Perfect For Kneeboards

Just like standard SkySectionals charts, CAP charts are formatted for letter-size paper to be easily accessed from a kneeboard.

What Are CAP Charts?

We heard from quite a few CAP pilots and search & rescue teams requesting CAP gridded versions of our SkySectionals charts. And that’s what CAP Charts are–an overlay of conventional CAP grids on each sectional in the same SkySectionals format you might already be used to. If you’re not already one of the thousands of pilots flying with SkySectionals charts, our charts give you the same information you find on FAA sectionals in much more manageable letter page-sized “panels” that you can print yourself.

Sick of Latitude Curves?

Plotting conventional CAP grids on a sectional can be quite tedious…over 100 lines to be plotted, let alone numbering up to 576 grid cells. Couple that with the fact that sectionals only stay current for 6 months and it’s clear that it’s hard to keep gridded charts up-to-date. With CAP charts from SkySectionals, we’ve not only done the grid plotting for you, but we also deliver the charts sized perfectly for a kneeboard or a binder and in PDF format that you can print yourself.

Conventional CAP Grids

The grid overlay included on each CAP Chart sectional is the conventional CAP grid that you’re used to—15-minute by 15-minute quadrangle grids further subdivided into 7.5-minute A-B-C-D grids. We’ve taken great care in ensuring the grids are easily identified while also making those identifiers and the grid lines semi-transparent on the chart—helping to ensure that chart information beneath them isn’t obscured.
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